Generation of Champions

About 6 years I hit an all time low.  I felt overwhelmed by personal difficulties and it seemed GOHOP had really plateaued and wasn’t moving forward or growing at all.  So I did what all deeply spiritual people do – I took a sabbatical and pouted.  Snuffed and snorted at God, was generally cranky.  And rested.  Worked quietly with my hands. Leaned into friendships.  Much to my dismay, God didn’t talk to me the whole time, until just at the end…

Partnership with the Living Rock

As GOHOP began to explore what it meant to be a prayer community engaged with mission and justice, we realized we didn’t have a clue as to how to go about doing it.  So it made much more sense to partner with a ministry that was doing it well.  We approached the Living Rock, a centre that comes alongside at risk youth in our city.  “Can we come help you?  We can make meals, clean bathrooms!”

“Actually, what we most need is prayer,” they said.  So for the last ten years we go to the Rock each week and pray for and with Rock youth and staff.  Here is Al Craig founder and Executive Director of the Rock, talking about our partnership.