On a Quest for New Location for GOHOP

We are guests.

And have always been.

For the entire life of GOHOP, over 13 years, we have been the grateful recipients of the hospitality of others.

First it was the Crossroads Centre in Burlington, where for seven years they gave us free prayer and office space, complete with 24/7 access and security.


And then Youth Unlimited, up in Waterdown, invited us to come and pray at a little house that would eventually be torn down and replaced with their exciting new Centre for Youth Excellence.


And a local church, Flamborough Christian Fellowship, donated a room at their facility for us to set up an office.

When we responded to God’s call to bring the House of Prayer to downtown Hamilton, Hughson Street Baptist and True City offered us prayer and collaborative office space.

And then Philpott Church generously gave us access to the Vine, a block from Jackson Square, where we have been praying for the last few years. Rent free. In fact, it cost them to have us there, in terms of utility expenses.


For the entire life of our little urban monastery, the generosity of others has made it possible for us to devote ourselves to prayer, urban mission, and developing leaders in the city.

Hughson and Philpott are now in exciting seasons of renovation and expansion, but it means for us that the time has come to find another place for our office and prayer room, hopefully by the end of September/mid October.

When it was time for us to move to Hamilton, The Lord gave us a word, to speak to our friends and enter the city. I wrote about it some time ago here.

So as we are discerning next steps, it made good sense to us to speak to our friends about the upcoming move and to see what doors God might open through those conversations.

Please pray for us as we transition, and drop me an email if you want to chat about it, and pray and dream together! God has been faithful to date, and we look forward eagerly to see what He has next for us. All of us. Together.

2 thoughts on “On a Quest for New Location for GOHOP

  1. Hi jill….exciting new adventure! A new place….

    Sorry for getting back to you only now. How are things with the man who needed a place?

    I deep down believe that burlington is not the best place for him…absolutely isolated place in aldershot. In Hamilton he will have so much more chance of community etc. BUT….who am I?

    I talked to my husband about him and before anything else he (husbbie Jacob) would need to know the how/what/who/etc. So in case he is still in limbo….

    Again, apologies for late reply but things got in the way..

    Love, anneke

  2. Jill…..hoiw are you?

    I have a question: or rather we have a question. Trudy and I are in the committee to set up/organize our 2nd CRC women’s retreat. I would love to meet with you and sit down and either pick your b rain or talk to you about the how/what and possibility of you leading us in Christian hospitality…how does that look like etc….what can I do to…..etc. really for some brain storming…..Can we get together sometime”?When?

    Love to hear from you, Anneke kramer

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