More on Soaking Prayer

I’m in the Downtown East Side now, in Vancouver. I come here each year on pilgrimage. I sleep on Aaron and Cherie’s couch and let the life of their intentional community wash over me (there’s 13 staying at the house right now, not including me and the bunnies). I watch, help out where I can, and learn.

Aaron and Cherie have a special gift to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. Every time I’m here I get stretched in unexpected directions. This morning I shared some stories on prayer at a local rehab centre. After that, Aaron led us all in a time of soaking prayer, pretty much the same as yesterday’s prayer at Tierra Nueva.

The room was full of guys in various stages of recovery. Some Christians, some died-in-the-wool atheists, some agnostic philosophers. We all listened in silence to a worship song. Afterwards, several of them shared God encounters, revelations and insights. I was amazed at how much God did in the short time, revealing Himself and bringing freedom to hearts.

Wow, God did that all by Himself?

And while were talking about contemplative prayer, we also did some gardening, which is one of my favorite contemplative activities…




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