Quebec House of Prayer: Strategic Partnerships Bringing Strength to the House

I visit QHOP once or twice a year. It’s fun to see leaps in growth when you drop in regularly, but periodically. There is definitely an increase in folks in the prayer room, and a decrease in the average age.

“Why is that?” I wanted to know.

When Brian and Tanya Allatt started QHOP, they initially attracted people like them.

“Middle aged!” they grinned.


Sherbrooke is a college town, and they wanted to draw younger people into the prayer room, so they invested in bringing a young man, Mitch, on staff. Mitch’s job? Worship and prayer and making connections with twenty-something believers in the city.

Their investment has brought good returns, and now QHOP is drawing a younger crowd.

The other thing Brian and Tanya did was formalize a partnership with Iris Ministries. Very bravely, they took their family of four children to Mozambique to Heidi Baker’s school there. They survived rats and all manner of creepy crawlies. The friendships and connections they made the have brought prayer missionaries from all sorts of far flung nations to roost and nest like sparrows near the altar of The Lord.

The QHOP gang

Bringing the glory..

O look, Jesus is coming!

I always say, work your strengths and staff your weaknesses. The Allatts have reached beyond themselves in some strategic alliances, and for QHOP, its paying off.

Genetic Engineering in the House of Prayer – Welcome to Belle-Hop!

Yesterday Kirk and I paid a visit to Belle Hop, the House of Prayer in Belleville, Ontario. There we were warmly greeted by Wendy Anderson, who made us a lovely lunch and gave us a tour of their exciting storefront facility in downtown Belleville.

The building (as you can see from the video), is quite amazing. Space for hospitality. A worship area for Harp and Bowl, but then multiple other prayer rooms for other kinds of prayer expressions!

Wendy and her team have done some genetic engineering, and have fused the IHOP model of night and day prayer with the model out of the UK.  Her associate director, Jeff Boerger, is an Anglican, and on Monday nights teaches on the spiritual disciplines.  They have a keypad on the backdoor to give 24/7 access, and large whiteboard where people can sign up for an hour towards the goal of praying 24/7.   “One of our community has Down Syndrome,” says Wendy, pointing to some night slot hours.  “He sets his alarm for midnight and prays from home.”

As many of you know, GOHOP has been doing much the same thing over the last 7 years or so, with what to us have been delightful results. But we always felt a bit like the oddball on the Canadian HOP scene. So imagine our delight to find another HOP making the same crazy experiments, fusing the spiritual DNA of two prayer movements! Making room for all kinds of prayer (Ephesians 6:18) makes our prayer space accessible and attractive to a wide variety of prayer enthusiasts, not all whom identify with the charismatic camp. The Spirit of prayer is at work in every denomination! 20140401-072602.jpg 20140401-073002.jpg 20140401-073009.jpg 20140401-073017.jpg   We had a very short time with them, and I can in no way give justice to the scope of their work and the quality of their hearts.  You will just have to go visit them and learn for yourself!  You can find them on facebook here.