Pastors Appointed to Die… Not on our Watch!

He looked like he should be driving a 40 year old Ford Pickup and his voice had a back-woodsy, Appalachian lilt.

And we hung on every word. We even recorded it, because we didn’t want to miss a thing.

We were meeting with Bob Jones. THE Bob Jones, one of the famous Kansas City Prophets. He was in town and our friend Dennis had fanangled a meeting for us. It was in the early days of GOHOP, likely our first year, and we were anxious to hear what God wanted to say to our fledgling ministry. For 40 minutes Bob prophesied over GOHOP. It was encouraging, revealing, and mostly challenging.

“There are pastors in this region that are appointed to die. Unless….you pray for them.”

Wow. Intense. Sobering.

So we’ve taken that mandate seriously over the last 12 years. Every Tuesday afternoon we have a prayer time set aside for praying for pastors and leaders. We also trained a team to do listening prayer/prophetic ministry and on Tuesdays at 3 we book leaders in and soak them in prayer for an hour.

Over the last couple weeks we have been praying for our dear friend Ace Clarke, as he had a major health crisis. He was in ICU, so we couldn’t get our hands on him, but now he is recuperating at home. Today our team went to visit him (yes, we do house calls!) and pray for him.


If you’re reading this, stop for a moment and agree with us in prayer for Ace’s complete recovery, and for your pastor!

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