2 Days of 24 Hour Prayer at Hamilton Vietnamese Gospel Church

The night and day prayer bug is contageous!

Here’s a letter from Calvin Lam, who is on staff at the Hamilton Vietnamese Gospel Church www.gochurch.ca

This was our first time setting up a 24hr prayer space. The vision for a 24hr prayer room simply started with a thought of wanted to provide a space for people from my church to pray collectively. Then it evolved to: who else can we bless by creating this space? As preparations were under way, I honestly did not know what to expect, how many people would actually show up, or how God would work. 
It quickly became very apparent as we started the 24 hours that God was going to do some amazing things. People of all ages and various cultures started flooding in and crying out to God in that space and through the different stations. I felt this deep sense of community–that we were all in this together–even though I didn’t know everyone who walked in nor spoke the language that some of them spoke. None of that mattered–we were all united by the fact that we were broken and desperately needed God’s grace. Tears were flowing, people were sharing openly with one another, and those gathered were praying with each other. It was so encouraging and inspiring!
As various people shared about their experience during the 24hr prayer, it was absolutely clear that God had moved powerfully and beyond what anyone would have imagined or anticipated! The crazy thing is that we’re still seeing a ripple effect of what God did during those 24 hours.
I’m sure that this will happen again. Thanks for all your help and your prayers!








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