A Culture of Prayer in Hamilton

We sat in a circle in what used to be a Christian bookstore.

Joe played the guitar. Sasha the djembe.

We sang hymns.

But full on.

And heartfelt.

As the worship drew to a close, there was a reverent hush, quietness, rest, waiting, listening, loving.

And a tangible sense of His Presence.

I spent the evening last night with what is soon to be a church plant out of Grindstone Church, coming right into my neighborhood.

“It started a year and a half ago,” explained Matt, their team leader, “with us gathering just for a couple of nights, to pray for the city.”

“Yeah, you have to be careful,” I responded, “prayer is dangerous!”

I also just found out that Grindstone is hosting another week of 24-7 prayer up in Waterdown. And that Redeemer University, which normally does one week of 24-7 prayer a year, is adding a second week this spring.

And of course, you all know we just finished an amazing two weeks of 24-7 prayer at the Vine.

And MoveIn is planning another 48 hours of continual worship and prayer over Holy Week.

I think I can honestly say that we are beginning to see the a culture of prayer growing in the city.

Different expressions.

Different communities.

Different locations.

But as Michael Gungor would say “all around, life is springing up from this old ground.”

As one of many people and organizations who for years has been scattering seeds of prayer here in the city, I find this deeply encouraging.

May it be said of Hamilton,
My heart says of you, “Seek his face!”
Your face, Lord, I will seek. ~Psalm 27:8

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