Pneuma climatologists

“I don’t know, Bob,” I hedged. “I’m not sure it will work.”

I was chatting with Bob Ekblad, who is visiting GOHOP this week. We were preparing to minister at the Meeting Place, which is the congregation that has gathered around the chapel at Mission Services. Bob wanted us, during a time of worship, to lay hands on each member of the congregation, praying silently for the Holy Spirit to fill and bless them, before Bob began to teach.

“I’m not sure they will like someone touching them, especially a stranger. They might be really uncomfortable. Safety is an issue for lots of them, and they are kind of jumpy. But Rev. Sue is the team leader, so just check it out with her and see what she says.”

Sue didn’t share my skepticism and gave the go ahead, and before I knew it I found myself laying hands on my Mission Service friends, one at a time. I was amazed at their openness, and receptivity, and the reverent silence in the room as we moved quietly from one person to another, while Ellis played the guitar. I looked up from the one I was praying for, and my breath caught as I saw different ones weeping, soft and vulnerable.

In those moments the whole spiritual climate, the atmosphere of the room changed.

Later over dinner, one of our friends from the meeting, said, “Whooooa, that was intense!”

Something so simple. Silent prayer. An invocation of the Holy Spirit. Changing everything.


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