Eat, Pray, Paint!

Today our team was at Lectio House helping with the renovations, along with our friends Matt and Karen Lowe.

20140121-044640.jpgI will let them introduce themselves, although many of you know and love them already:

Matt Lowe and Karen Elliott Lowe have recently joined GOHOP’s staff team. Newly appointed pastor of little Bethel Community Church in east Hamilton, Karen was ordained with the Canadian Baptists of Ontario & Quebec in 2011, has served in several churches, with Sophia House, and is pursuing a certificate in spiritual direction. Matt, a freelance editor, writer, and professor, completed a Ph.D at McMaster Divinity College in 2011.

The Lowes have already been extensively involved in activities with GOHOP and other ministries in Hamilton for the past few years, participating in Spaghetti Tuesday dinners, helping to facilitate the Urban Monastic Internship, and cataloguing GOHOP’s library. In joining our staff, their focus is on helping those who minister in Hamilton to seek spiritual direction and to discover better patterns of rest and retreat.

Beginning in January 2013, they began envisioning a small urban centre for spiritual direction and retreats, where they would also live as co-directors. A process of prayerful and corporate discernment led them to buy a home north of Gage Park, which they have been busily renovating since July, often with help from GOHOP staff and other friends. They hope to open “Lectio House” in January of 2014.

Busily is the key word. The house, like many in the lower city, was a real “fixer upper”, and they have been HARD at work on it since the summer.

Anyways, as I was saying, some of the GOHOP team went over to help.

We started with food.


And then we prayed together for a bit.

And then we painted.



Eat, pray, paint!

That’s how we roll!

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