My Largest Felting Project Ever!

My friends Sandy and Peter asked me to make a felting piece to go over their couch. I’ve been procrastinating, daunted by the size and scope of the project, but yesterday morning I woke up and said. “This is the day!”

Laying a deep sheet and towel under it, to protect the table.

Base layer.

Starting to mess about with different ideas.


The arteeste at work.

Climbing on a stepladder for a birds eye view. Love my Crocs!

Here it is, all felted. I’m going to add some needle felting embellishments once it dries, and then try and figure out a wall hanging system.

So what has this got to do with New Monasticism?

Monastic communities, through the ages, have been centres of creativity and the arts. We celebrate the Creator by co-creating!

5 thoughts on “My Largest Felting Project Ever!

  1. Just wanted to say how encouraged I am to have stumbled upon this! I am in the beginning stages of my first felting project – a Jesse Tree advent calendar for this Christmas. I feel a certain kinship with you, being a fellow felter and ardent pursuer of Jesus. Your community is definitely benefitting from your creative endeavours! This is lovely! Hopefully I’ll be done in time and will post pictures on my family’s blog. πŸ™‚

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