Party On!

Yesterday we had a birthday dinner for my friend Denni. We have been buddies for a looooong time and have had many excellent adventures! We’ve been to both heaven and hell and back together, weathering many storms and dancing in the sunshine.

She was on the core team with GOHOP for something like 7-8 years, and then was promoted into national prayer leadership. I miss working with he every day, so really really really enjoy the opportunities we get to hang out. Denni’s birthday is on Boxing Day, and often sits in the shadow of Christmas. So this year I wanted to make sure she felt properly celebrated.

I made her presents. A felted piece of art. Denni oversees a prophetic ministry in the city, and is often seen as a mama eagle, nurturing the eaglets, so I made a nest, eggs, and the talon of the mama (I know my felting skills have not yet advanced to where I can pull off a whole eagle).

And I made cookies. Nest and egg cookies! They are super cute.

I just really wanted to bless her in a creative and personal way, and celebrate how God has shaped and is using her.

I spent the afternoon cooking, and served up super yummy shepherds pie and quinoa salad with goats cheese. An a totally kick butt decadent chocolate gluten and dairy free cake (so I could eat it with her).

We ended off dinner with prophesying over Denni and giving her a recording of our words.

Richard Foster, in Celebration of Discipline includes celebration as a key spiritual discipline. We celebrate the goodness of God as we celebrate one another.

Party on!





One thought on “Party On!

  1. Way to go girls! Denni, you are sooo worth celebrating! ( I recognized those pictures from Israel!) And Jill what beautiful art you gave Denni!

    Love you both! Donna (Sexton)

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