Write Away

First day back after my holidays.

I’m in the prayer room by myself, really enjoying my time with the Lord.

I pull out my journal and write, “is there anything You would like to say to me about the new year?”

Figure I might as well ask.

I put my journal down and pace the prayer room, worshipping along with the groovy set that’s happening on the IHOP webstream. We have a big screen tv in our prayer room so we can tune into their live we streamed prayer and worship meetings whenever we want.

As I mosey over to the far side of the prayer room, my eyes land on a scrap of paper lying on a table.

It says “Write now”




A few minutes later, I bump into one of our interns who is meeting with her spiritual director here at the Vine.

“I really really enjoy your blog!” She says.
“Thanks. I didn’t write much overly my holidays. Just trying to take a break.”

I walk away from the conversation, somewhat bemused.



Guess I’d better get back into my writing routine…..


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