Come, Lord Jesus

In the ancient Christian practice of centering prayer, one chooses a word or phrase and uses it to bring focus to the mind and heart. The monastics called these “breathing prayers” and are meant to span a breath. We sit quietly, breathe our prayer, and attune ourselves to the presence of Jesus within and around us.

I’ve used different breathing prayers in my practice. “Abba, I am Yours alone” is a favorite. “I am my beloved’s and He is mine” is another.

In this advent season, “Come, Lord Jesus” seems fitting.

I find it a very useful prayer to deal with mental distractions.

Worried about the day?

Come, Lord Jesus

Concerned about a friend?

Come, Lord Jesus

Today in the quietness my heart is reaching beyond the walls of our little community house.

To the working girls, shivering on street corners on Barton,

Come, Lord Jesus

To seniors trapped in powerless and heat less high rises in the GTA,

Come, Lord Jesus

To folks stuck in airports in the Maritimes, facing the prospect of Christmas without loved ones,

Come, Lord Jesus

For friends of mine who lost children this year and for whom grief threatens to swallow holiday joy,

Come, Lord Jesus

To those caught in the crossfire in South Sudan,

Come, Lord Jesus

To an earth full of groaning, awaiting His coming,

Amen, Come Lord Jesus!


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