Advent resources: Spiritual Direction and Advent Lectio Divina

With a happy sigh, I sink into the comfy chair.

“Would you like some tea? The kettle boiled,” she offers.

“No that’s ok. Thanks though.”

“Let’s take a moment of silence then, and when you are ready, begin.”

As it does every visit, my gaze scans her heavily laden bookshelves (ooooo, so many books I want to borrow,) and the various lovely art pieces around her room. My favorite is the stained glass window depicting grapes and wine, that hangs above her seat.

I settle in, close my eyes, still my soul, and breathe.

I have a Spiritual Director.

A Catholic one.

Her name is Sue, and she is a lay leader at Regina Mundi Parish.

“What is a Spiritual Director?” you ask.

Put simply, spiritual direction is when two people have a conversation about one person’s relationship with Jesus.

I meet with Sue once a month, and talk and talk and talk. And she listens and listens and listens. And asks good questions.

Really good questions.

I find it so refreshing to have somewhere outside my usual circle of concern and influence, where I can go and unburden my heart and explore new spiritual territory.

In addition to individual spiritual direction. Sue also leads groups, and one of them is starting later on this week.

Here is Sues invitation to you. She’s quite fond of us Protestants and would love for you to come!

Beginning Friday, Dec. 6, 2013 at 7:45 a.m., and continuing for the Fridays during Advent, I will be offering an opportunity for group Lectio Divina (Divine Reading), a wonderfully meditative prayer form. Each session runs for approximately one-half hour. If you are interested, please come to the glassed in porch on the Upper Paradise side of Regina Mundi church (corner of Upper Paradise and Mohawk) and ring the bell. All are welcome!


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