Celebrating Abraham Madrandele

Last Saturday we had a celebration at the Vine for our beloved Abraham. He was experiencing two major milestones in his life. Turning sixty, and finally acquiring his Canadian citizenship. The party was a Canadian theme, as you may guess from the pictures.

The other goal for our gathering was to raise funds for Abraham’s ongoing support as a urban missionary to Hamilton, and also his upcoming visit to South Africa to visit his son, Isaac, who he has not seen for 13 very long years.

The highlight of the evening was the open mic time, where person after person came up to the front and shared testimonies about how Abraham had welcomed and encouraged them, come alongside them, trained them in leadership, brought life and vitality to their various ministries. The scriptures say that we have many teachers, but not many fathers, and it was a beautiful thing to see Abrahams fathering grace on display as his children rose up and called him blessed.

Here is a video you can watch that shares more about Abraham’s life and ministry.

Pastor from Congo

If you didn’t get a chance to join us on Saturday and would like to support Abraham, you can donate online here.






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