Creativity – Felting Workshop

I’ve been trying to cultivate more creativity in my life, and today I spent the day doing a felting workshop at Sue Firkser Design. Sue is a fabulous textile artist who hospitably opens her Dundas studio to felting newbies like myself.

I love felt. It’s very forgiving. Textile art, in my mind, is art for dummies ~ meaning me. Artists like Sue take thing to a whole other level, but really it’s hard for beginners to go wrong. The wool itself is so lovely, so full of shape, movement and color, that really all I find myself doing is making space for the textiles to express themselves.

Here’s the studio, and one of Sue’s felt loving cats. And a fabulous jacket that Sue made from felt and silk. And two of the three pieces I worked on, under Sue’s expert tutelage, over the course of the day. The needlefelted piece I’m calling “like an apple tree”. I took pictures of various stages of the wet felting piece, which I’m calling “deep unto deep”, so you could see how you layer and lay out the wool, and then what it looks like when it is wet felted.

I’ve also opened an etsy shop, FeltIlluminations, where you can buy my work if you wish! Profits (after cost of materials) will go towards GOHOP’s Urban Missions in Hamilton.








One thought on “Creativity – Felting Workshop

  1. We’re poor seminary students — otherwise I would buy that banner in a heartbeat. It is absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to see what you do next 🙂

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