Strangers at my Door By Jonathan Wilson Hartgrove

Yesterday I read “Strangers at my Door”, by Jonathan Wilson Hartgrove.

The whole book.

In one day.

It was just too good to put down. I knew it was coming, and had pre-ordered it prior to its release, and eagerly awaited it’s arrival. It did not disappoint.

I love Jonathan’s writing, and his commitment to being a practitioner rather than a theorist. Jonathan founded Rutba House, an intentional community that creates home and family for homeless people. He lives the message, and tells the stories.

Here’s Jonathan’s story in his own words.

And here are a couple teasers, but really, anyone interested in intentional community, radical hospitality, and incarnating the love of Jesus should read it.

Something deep in each of us cries out against the injustice of poverty and homelessness, of prison and addiction. The repulsion is visceral when we confront any one of these realities not as an issue but as the pain in the heart of a friend’s life.

You are learning that Jesus is risen and he’s coming again. he’s coming for supper tonight, and he’s not alone…he’s standing at your door with someone whose name you don’t yet know. They are sitting now at your dinner table-a peculiar family, for sure – ready to pass the butter and tell you a story about what happened today….heaven is a banquet! You know not only because John saw it two thousand years ago but also because you see it at your dinner table.

I’m done reading, and you can come borrow it if you wish, but you will have to stay for dinner…


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