Adopt a Street in Brantford

Last night at the a Transformation Hamilton meeting at the John Perkins Centre, we got an update from our friends Dave Carrol and Brian Beattie, pastors of Freedom House in Brantford. After years of sacrificially serving their city, they are experiencing a tipping point of favour, both with God and with man. Their church helps run several major city events each year. Their kindness project has been in the papers and in the public schools. Brian is co-authoring a book on city transformation with Brantford’s mayor!

“Favour comes from continual service,” said Brian. Then he quoted Matthew Barnett, founder of the Dream Centre in LA. “Whoever shows up and stays the longest wins.”

Brian and Dave and One Church, which is a collaboration of churches in Brantford, have decided to take that favour out for a test drive to see what it can do. So this Sunday they are launching “Adopt a Street Brantford”. There are 1000 streets in Brantford. 30 churches have made commitments to mobilize their congregants to adopt their own street and pray for it daily, believing God for a breaking in of His kingdom.

So keep your eyes on Brantford, and watch to see what God is going to do!


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