Day 13 – Preparation

We’ve arrived in Dublin, and for me meetings are now in full swing. We’re at Encounter Culture, an international gathering for 24-7 Prayer. I’ve started meetings a day early with the senior leaders from 24-7 all over the world. To be honest, I’m not sure how much time I am going to have in the next few days to post, but will do what I can.

I had a interesting thing happen when we arrived in the Dublin Airport. During the pilgrimage of the two previous weeks, I had lots of time spent with God, much solitude, silence, and prayer. However, I seldom sensed the presence of The Lord in a clear, tangible way. I did once in the prayer room in Stanford, once in a garden in Iona. But for the most part, the pilgrimage time felt like more of an emptying out than a filling up.

However, as soon as my feet hit the ground in Dublin, I sensed His presence immediately. It felt like I was a bathtub being filled up inside, and by the time I hit customs, I was almost vibrating with holy electricity.

I was happy (of course) but surprised, frankly. Why here? Why now?

Preparation. The thought settled in my heart immediately.

So here I am, a-buzz in Dublin, and waiting to see what The Lord will do.


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