Day 2- Knockin’ ‘ on Heavens Door

I’m sitting in my little room, over top a pub. Below the band is cranking out “Born to be Wild”, and “Knocking on Heavens Door”. The bed is vibrating a bit with the pounding drum and base. I’m grateful I have earplugs and sleeping pills, but have no doubt that I will sleep soundly.

Today was my first day driving in the UK and I didn’t maim anyone! I am keeping track of how many times I hit the curb from day to day, to assess how my driving is coming along. Today was a 14 curb day. Only curbs though, no cars, so I’m quite proud of myself. And I only drove the wrong way on a roundabout once! And fortunately there was only one other car coming the other way. I practiced breathing prayer a lot today while driving, especially when we got turned around in London and went miles and miles the wrong way. “Christ as a light, illumine and guide me!”

We had found another car rental place and drove away with a slightly larger vehicle, although we are resigned to the fact that cars and vans in the UK are smaller. Likely because the roads are much narrower. Consequently, the 14 curb day. My co-pilot, Peter, was very calm and level headed as he navigated for me. His breathing prayer was “a little more to the right!”

Eventually, we made it to Guildford safe and sound, and found the global office to 24-7, right beside a garden labyrinth. The facility is small and funky with a couple cute offices, a nice seating area, and of course, a prayer room.





After our time in the prayer room we were picked up by Liz, one of the founders of the Guildford Boiler Room, and spent the afternoon with her lovely family, and then popped across the street and were wined and dined by Rob “call me chef”, Holly, who is Pete Greig’s assistant, and Nick, who is planning the worship dance party for the 24/7 International conference. We feasted on marvellous curry, stories and prayer.

One thought on “Day 2- Knockin’ ‘ on Heavens Door

  1. Very grateful to be joining you on the journey vicariously. God bless you every step of the way and in every person you meet!

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