Scarves With Swag for the 24-7 Prayer International Gathering

My pilgrimage will be culminating in the 24-7 Prayer International Gathering in Dublin, Ireland. At each gathering they have a fundraising auction. This year the Gathering Auction theme is “scarves with swag”, and we have been encouraged to bring some kind of creative scarf. I wasn’t sure what to bring, and in the flurry of last minute packing, was feeling a bit stressed about it. All of a sudden last night, I got a brainwave. I grabbed an old boiled wool scarf (I loooooove boiled wool), my needle felting kit, and began to create.


My scarf is going to be called “I just wanna be a sheep”. Remember the old kids song? “Baa baa baa baa, and I pray The Lord my soul to keep, I just wanna be a sheep”. I will work on it at various point in the pilgrimage.

“Make sure you don’t pack the needles in your inflight bag!” my friend and travelling buddy Nicola exhorted me.

So if I manage to get to the British Isles with needles unconfiscated (we just won’t talk about the time I smuggled a machete back from Uganda), I will poke away (pun intended) at my scarf until Gathering time.

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