How Does Your Garden Grow?

Happy chaos, that’s what it felt like.  Like a family gathering complete with eccentric uncles.  People milling about, eating.  Guys playing Bob Marley tunes on a variety of instruments.  We had more people than chairs.  “If you’re under 30 then you can sit on the floor!”

Don't worry, bout a ting, cause every little ting, gonna be alright!
Don’t worry, bout a ting, cause every little ting, gonna be alright!

“How many of you are part of Barnabas Group or Moving Mountains Prayer Group?”  Hands raised.

” How many of you pray at the Vine regularly?”  More hands.

“What about Prayer Truck?”  Almost all the hands were up now. “Yeah – Prayer Truck!” someone shouted.

“And our weeks of 24/7 prayer?” Every hand was up.

GOHOP takes many shapes and forms.  Different configurations of different people in different parts of the city.  It’s a bit like what Urban Monastic Jonathan Wilson Hartgrove calls a rhizome – a weedy plant that spreads underground and pops up in different locations.  We decided, once a year, to gather everyone in one place, take a look at how the garden is growing, and to give thanks.

The weedy, happy bunch...
The weedy, happy bunch…

There is much to be grateful for.  At one point in the evening, we planted seeds in small pots, and added tags with reflections of gratitude for what God had planted in us through GOHOP.

2013-05-06 11.03.05(1)

2013-05-06 11.03.38

2013-05-06 11.03.54

2013-05-06 11.04.10

The pots now grace the windowsill in the prayer room, and they have begun to sprout!

We ended the evening with the Great Thanksgiving (using a hand drum as a table, cause hey, that’s how we roll!)


Let me go early into the vineyards and see whether vines have budded, and pomegranates are in bloom.  There I will give you my love.”  ~ Song of Solomon 7:12

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