The Kingdom of God is a Wang Dang Doo…

Jesus liked parties.

C’mon, his first miracle was transforming water into wine at a wedding feast!

The religious of the day criticized him for the “riffraff” He kept company with.

Accused Him of being a glutton.  And a drunkard.

One thing about Him, Jesus knew how to have a good time.

He understood the power of celebration in family-making.

On Saturday we celebrated Kirk’s 50th Birthday with a “Wang Dang Doo” – which is basically a party with folks hanging out and having an open mic night, inspired by a Kevin Prosch song

And inspired by all of our fantastic friends who love to make music together.  It was a great night.  We ate.  We sang.  We enjoyed one another.  We were family.

At one point, our housemate Chuk, came to the microphone, accompanied by one of my daughter’s friends on guitar.  Smartphone with song lyrics in hand, Chuk began to sing.  He got off to a faltering start, leaving us all on the edge of our seats, willing him to succeed.  At the chorus, he got his groove on, and belted out the song with gusto.  The crowd went wild!  Happy bedlam.  We celebrated his song, his success, his courage to stand up and sing.

Richard Foster, in his book Celebration of Discipline, lists Celebration as one of the essential spiritual disciplines in the life of God’s people.  “In celebration the high and the mighty regain their balance and the weak and lowly receive new stature.  Who can be high or low at the festival of God?  There is no leveler of caste systems like festivity.”

I see a lot of celebrations in GOHOP’s future.  Festivity where we can celebrate one another, and celebrate God’s goodness to us.  Let’s Wang Dang Doo it!

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