Worth the Wait!

Its only taken 10 years…

In 2002, we gathered a group of fantastically gifted musicians and proposed an experiment.

What would happen if we picked a very simple chord progression.

And waited on the Lord.

Instruments in hand.

Hearts attuned.

For an hour.

What would happen?

We thought it was a little nutty, but worth trying, so we did it. Two days in a row. And recorded it live.

The end result?

A beautiful journey and a delightful conversation with the God who rejoices over us with singing.

Its taken us ten years to get around to doing it, but we’re finally releasing the first of the two We Wait albums.

All profits from album sales will go towards Jill’s ministry trip to Uganda next month. So we’re not selling it for a set amount. Just make a donation here and we’ll send you a link where you can download the album. Or track us down and we’ll sell you a hard copy version.

Watch facebook over the next week for some mp3 “teasers” so you can hear little bits!


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