Tuning into His Song for this Season

Yesterday was D-Day.  December 1 and the Christmas Decorations come out!  My boxes of snowmen were bursting at the seams and rattling in the attic, and the tree was leaning against the patio fence, waiting to come in out of the cold, but now everybody is happily occupying our living room and the rest of the house.

I love Christmas.  I love the decorations, the music, the foods, the celebration, being with family and friends.  I love the feeling of warmth and well being that comes over me.

This year  I am exploring more deeply how to tune into the song that God is singing in this season.

I bought my presents from micro-enterprise in Uganda.  Making donations to Compassion and World Vision in lieu of gifts.  Making some of my other presents.  I’ve found some good online resources to help cut the cultural clutter:

http://madeinusachallenge.com/2011/occupy-the-holidays-ten-ways-to-make-your-gift-giving-more-meaningful/ (minus the made in USA part – just translate “Canada” in your brain as you read it)

http://www.facebook.com/AdventConspiracy – a movement that helps us replace consumption with compassion.

I have also found and am following the advent series produced by 24-7 prayer.com, which I am enjoying so much!  It is really tuning my heart for the season and I start each day with these online reflections:

Tonight at the Community House we are trimming the tree, eating pizza and drinking apple cider and listening to Handel’s Messiah.  Christmas is coming!  Jesus is coming!

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