Dangerous Prayers

About 14 years ago.

I’m sitting in a pew.


It’s Wednesday morning.  I’m happy.  Content.  Reflecting on the goodness of God.  I have been in an accelerated season of personal healing and restoration.  He has been pouring out His love and blessing in wonderful ways.

“Could you keep doing it, Lord?  Keep pouring Yourself out into my life?”

The response startles me.  A quiet voice.

“Would YOU pour yourself out, Jill?”

A scripture verse comes to mind, where Paul talks about being poured out like a drink offering of sacrifice and service.

I pause for a moment.  Then pray a dangerous prayer.  Sing a dangerous song, actually.  Just made one up on the spot.

“Make my life a prayer, make my life a song, make my life an offering to you, I want to pour it out…”

And something in heaven is set into motion….

Fast forward fourteen years.  As we approach the anniversary of the Greater Ontario House of Prayer (GOHOP), I’m reflecting on my dangerous prayer, and God’s gracious response.  I’ve been a prayer missionary (or monastery Abbess) for ten years.  My life has indeed become a prayer and a song, and an offering.  It’s been hard.  Really hard.  But inexpressibly wonderful and glorious.  I don’t really have words, except to say that God has been good.  More than good.  Great.

The other night I was with our small group, and we were reflecting on dreams that God has given us.

“What’s yours, Jill?” they turn to me.

I pause a moment.  “Well, I’m living them already, actually.”

Dangerous prayers.  Risky adventures of faith.  Living the dream.

I just want to invite you to join us in our celebration.  We’re having a birthday party for GOHOP next Saturday, the 15th.  500 James St. North in the True City/GOHOP offices, 5 pm.  It’s a little potluck standup reception, so bring fingerfood/munchies, and come celebrate God’s goodness with us!  I also want to invite you to join us as we host a prayer gathering next weekend for 24/7 Prayer Canada.  You can see the gathering details at www.24-7prayer.ca

If you want to hear the dangerous prayer of mine that became a song, you can listen to it a bit on itunes, or even buy it if you want!  It’s called “Make My Life a Prayer.”

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