Small is Beautiful

GOHOP is coming up to it’s 10 year anniversary on October 15.  Happy Birthday, us!

When the vision for the House of Prayer began to roll out a decade ago I felt very inadequate and overwhelmed.  The only model of House of Prayer that I had to look at was IHOP down in Kansas City, which at that time had hundreds of prayer missionaries (thousands now!), their own facility, and were managing to pull off 24 hours a day, 7 days a week worship and prayer.  The only model of House of Prayer Director I had to look at was Mike Bickle, and let me tell you, Mike I ain’t!  Though the call was clear, the task felt daunting.

“Lord, how am I going to build a House of Prayer?”  I fretted.

“One person at a time.” was His response.

And it’s been just that.  One by one, people have come, embraced the lifestyle, and been molded into Houses of Prayer, living breathing tabernacles of His Presence.  Many of them have “graduated” from GOHOP to start ministries or to step into significant leadership roles.

Have we built a big impressive organization?


And we’re in good company.  Historically, the majority of monasteries were small gatherings of men and women who set themselves apart to cultivate a lifestyle of prayer, learning, hospitality, creativity, mission, mercy and justice.   As they lived out that ethos they became living letters from the heart of the Father.  Unimpressive at first glance, but their influence has preserved and shaped culture over the centuries.  For a great book about this, I recommend “How the Irish Saved Civilization” by Thomas Cahill.

I get calls and emails from folks who want to come out and see what the House of Prayer looks like.  “Well, it’s really not all that much to look at,” I caution.  “We’re just a bunch of folks who hang out and pray together.”  It feels like we are like the little mustard seed in the gospels.  Very small.  Insignificant really.  But somehow, by the grace of God, many people, and even many leaders, have been able to rest in our branches over the years, and continue to do so.

Small is beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Small is Beautiful

  1. Jill,
    Small is beautiful! In reading your post, I’m seeing a newborn baby – small and beautiful. 10yrs is a long time to be in the womb. It’s been good, but you’re out in the world now – literally! You’re out of the womb, able to touch and be touched by the world (like with the prayer truck). It’s an amazing new frontier. Happy Birthday!!

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