Interruption or Gracious Invitation?

Can you imagine if Jesus had a Blackberry?

I can just picture the scene.  Blind Bartimaeus shouting by the side of the road, “Son of David, have mercy on me!”

Jesus pauses.

And whips out his Blackberry, “Well, let’s take a look.  I think I can fit you in….Tuesday at 2…no, I’m doing loaves and fishes that afternoon.  Hmm, what about Wednesday at 9:15?”

When I read the gospels I am amazed to see how full of interruptions they are.  Poor Jesus doesn’t do more than step out the door in the morning, and he is beleaguered by the hostile, the sick, and the curious.

I would have been totally exasperated by it.  “C’mon everybody – can’t you see we’re on our way to Jerusalem?  Let’s get going already!”

And yet Jesus wasn’t.  I believe He understood that what seemed to be interruptions were really gracious invitations from His Father. “My food and drink is to do the will of the One who send me.”

He illustrates this in the Parable of the Great Banquet.  The Father lays a table, and invites us to come.  But we are too busy, too pre-occupied.  We knew the banquet was coming, but we neglected to put it in our daytimers.

I can remember what I call The Great Interruption.  Rewind twelve years.  I had been on staff with a local church for about six years, learning to manage various departments, looking forward to getting ordained and launching as a church planter.  Very innocently, I visited some meetings down at Little Trinity Church in Toronto, where some crazy musician/prayer folks were visiting from the House of Prayer in Kansas City.  I remember sitting in the back of the church, stunned, stirred and shaken, knowing I had been interrupted and that my life was going to detour onto a road that I hadn’t even known existed.  Everything in my life since then has flowed down from that watershed experience.

If you want to hear more about divine interruptions and gracious invitations, I would invite you to have a listen to my teaching on the topic.

Interruption or Gracious Invitation

He is setting a table before us.  Will we come and eat, and taste of His goodness?

4 thoughts on “Interruption or Gracious Invitation?

  1. I hear you Jill! More often then not we end up almost complacent, thinking life will go the route of A, until God’s call shatters that reality to prepare us for road B. I can see definite breaking patterns in my life since the biggest, choosing to follow Him.

  2. I am very touched by this article. I remember times of waiting, surprises from God…help me look for those divine appointments.

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