Where Do You Get Those Crazy Ideas and National Prayer Conference Coming to Hamilton Oct. 13 – 15!

A few folks have asked me where I got the idea of having a prayer truck.  Who would think of something so crazy wonderful and out of the box?  The answer is, my friend Daria Nordozza.

Daria is part of the National Leadership team of 24/7 Prayer.ca.  She has a passion for praying for cities.  You can read her article on how to pray for cities on the international 24/7 prayer website www.24-7prayer.com.  You can also see a bunch of videos she took on a wild cross country tour this summer across the nation, visiting multiple cities and finding out how we can pray for them on the www.24-7prayer.ca website.

And the person who inspired me to set up the prayer truck in a back alley in an urban/high crime area is my friend Aaron White

Aaron runs the 614 Community out in the Downtown Eastside in Vancouver and is doing some fantastic and super uber challenging incarnational community and prayer work in that neighborhood.  Check out his latest prayer initiative here and find out how they are coming alongside their community on the most difficult day of the month.

You can meet Aaron, Daria, and the rest of my 24/7 partners in crime at our National 24/7 Gathering which is happening….wait for it…. in HAMILTON!  Woot!  Here is an excerpt from an article by Chris Jones, who heads up our 24/7 Canada team.

“Hamilton is sparking!

For years, there has been something going on in this city. It is a little rough around the edges admittedly, but it brings out passion in people like few cities I’ve been to. It is undeniably a city of refuge and there is a connection among God’s people there that is unique. It isn’t perfect, there’s lots of disunity too – but it feels like there is a something special going on in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. In fact the whole area right out to Brantford is kind of…I don’t know…buzzing I guess! So, we figured, let’s go where it’s going on! There is a fledgling 24-7 community beginning in the downtown core and the city has a long history of prayer with several churches operating prayer rooms in rhythms. Pretty exciting and we want to be there.

So – we’re setting up an impromptu gathering – October 13,14,15, a little over a month, we’ll be gathering in Hamilton right on one of its main streets. We’ve named the gathering REJUVENATE – longing to see restoration and the energy of youth breathed into the city and ourselves. We’ve invited a great friend to the movement – Richard Long from Together Canada to speak to us on rejuvenating the call to pray for the city. Aaron White from the 614 Salvation Army in Vancouver and The War College, a key influencer within 24-7 for over a decade will be delving into rejuvenating our community and the incarnation of our prayer in our communities, and I’ll be sharing on rejuvenating the call to prayer individually.

We’d love you to come, come and encourage and be encouraged. To register you can go to www.24-7prayer.ca and click on the link. There are a limited number of billet spots and lots of other places to stay in the city. You can arrive by plane to Toronto and take a bus out to Hamilton, or there is an airport in Hamilton and you can fly right in! So come join us and let’s fan this fire!

For ongoing schedule and information visit 24-7prayer.ca”

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