Making Space…

My neighbor is sitting out on the porch again.  Looks like he’s retired.  His yard it immaculate, and sometimes I see him staring at his garden, daring weeds to grow so he can pluck them out, or polishing the glass lamp covers by his front door.  He’s a guy with time on his hands.

I however, am not.  I’m weeding my garden – with this weather I’m amazed how everything is wilting but the weeds somehow manage to thrive.  I’m feeling the heat of the day and the pressure of all that I need to accomplish before it is through.  On my way back in the house, I glance over at my neighbor again.   He is peaceful and still, watching the street go by, ready and waiting for friendlier and freer neighbors than I to come and visit on his porch.  Feeling guilty, I slink inside.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve found that it’s futile to try to add prayer to my to-do list.  Over the years, if I don’t intentionally create space to meet with God, my communion with Him falls by the wayside, a victim of my type A personality and some of the predominant spirits of the age – busyness, productivity, technology and entertainment.

Which is why I’m going to fast non work related media for the week of 24/7 prayer we are hosting August 19 – 26.  No tv, movies, youtube, superfluous texting (did I really need to rofl?), fiction and recreational facebook!  I’ve done it before, and am amazed how twitchy I get the first day, and how peaceful I am by the end, my interior space expanded and uncluttered.

I wanted to invite you to join me.  In the media fast, and in the week of 24/7 prayer.  Make some room for God and then make a pilgrimage to the UHaul truck that we’ve decked out as a creative arts prayer room.   Explore connecting with your Creator through painting, hand drumming, weaving, and even origami!

You can signup on our online calendar at

Together lets make some space for God.  Who knows?  He may fill it with Himself…

2 thoughts on “Making Space…

    1. Hey Jill!
      I am hoping to go with the kids up north for a week’s camping, and other than a camera, will be limiting my technology to a phone call to hubby every night and devotionals. I plan on listening more without the distractions< and haven't done it for a couple of years so looking forward to it & what God will do too 🙂

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