There Was a Young (ish) Couple Who Lived in a Schu… ~ Go-Hospitality

Finally I am coming up for air, with a little bit of emotional and creative energy to write again.  It’s been a very eventful month, travelling to Sherbrooke Quebec for the National House of Prayer Summit, and returning just in time to stuff everything into a UHaul truck and move to Hamilton.  We don’t even have internet yet (this is my mass apology for my online absence, missed emails and some missed meetings), but most things are out of boxes, and the birds have adjusted to their new surroundings and housemates.

Our exploration of the practice of hospitality in the context of an Urban Monastery/House of Prayer, is multifaceted.  To begin with, we are developing a Community House.  At present two fantastic young adults are living in the Locke St. House with us, and we are preparing space for two more.  Over the next months we will figure out together what Christ Centred Community looks like in our home.

Secondly, our home has a lovely hospitality/guest room for visitors, pilgrims and Wild Geese.  If you want to come visit us and experience the rhythms of life and prayer in the Urban Monastery, let us know!

Thirdly, we will soon be beginning weekly community dinners where friends new and old can drop in – we’ll let you know when we’re firing up the barbie!

Finally, we will be starting a monthly book study this fall on the book “Making Room”, by Christine Pohl.  It is a wonderful resource for those who want to be more intentional in the ancient and Biblical practice of hospitality.  If you’re interested in joining us for that study, email me at  Space is limited!

We are being stretched on a number of levels, but the grace that God is dispensing for this season is surprising and amazing.  Kirk and I were nervous about sharing our home, but we love our new housemates.  With our daughter, Hannah moved off to Toronto for University, I am grateful for an outlet for all my maternal instincts!  Last night we had a bunch our Christ Centred Community group over and enjoyed central a/c (phew!), a fantastic meal together, and hilarity and worship in our living room.  Go-Hospitality rocks!