Knock, and the Door Shall be Opened

Around Christmas time, I felt the Lord reminding me of the Scripture “Knock, and the door shall be opened.”  Over familiar with the “Ask-seek-knock” passage, I shrugged it off.  “Yeah, yeah – I know, just keep praying”

“No, KNOCK, and the door shall be opened”, pressed itself into my heart. “Actually knock on the doors!”

A few weeks later, I was at a Pastors Conference, and a woman named Faith prayed for me.  “I see the Lord opening double doors for you,” she said.

I shared her message with my lunch buddies that day.  “Ha!” exclaimed one, “That’s like the double doors into the mountains in the movie ‘Lord of the Ring‘”

“Oh yeah,” I responded, “the doors that said ‘Speak friend and enter’ over them!  Remember, they thought it would be all complicated and difficult to open the doors, but they only had to say the word ‘friend’ and the doors opened!”

As soon as the words were out of my mouth, God shook me on the inside and spoke to my heart.  “It’s the same way for Hamilton.  Speak to your friends about the vision you have to move GOHOP into downtown Hamilton and the city will open to you.”

In the subsequent weeks, I met with friend after friend in the city – sharing my heart to see an Urban Monastery that would raise up the next generation of young leaders who would live lives of radical devotion and radical obedience.  Without exception, I was met with excitement, welcome, and support.  Already a location has been donated.  Pastors are freely connecting us with young adults in their congregations they think might be interested.  Young leaders are gathering and beginning to dream together.  We are being received with open hearted hospitality.

But just in case I didn’t get it – God sent us a messenger yesterday.

Kirk and I were in Hamilton, at the passport office, and were just leaving when we were accosted by the security guard at the door.

“Isaiah 45:1!”  He blurted, gazing at us intensely.

“Excuse me?”  We stopped in our tracks. “What did you say?”

“Isaiah 45:1!  God will open before you the two leaved gates; and the gates shall not be shut!”

“What on earth made you decide to say that?”

Turns out he was a former pastor in the Middle East, and although he had more than an acquaintance with the Holy Spirit, he almost never shared prophetic words with people.  But when we passed by, he was compelled to make that decree over us.


Now God had our full attention.

There we were, at a passport office, obtaining official permission to enter new territory, and God used the security guard as a divine messenger to decree His purposes.  That’s the most dramatic (and frankly freaky) confirmation we’ve ever received.

The Isaiah 45 passage is Isaiah’s prophecy about Cyrus, at least a hundred years before the Persian leader was born, decreeing that God would open doors for him.  It was dramatically confirmed years later when the doors to Babylon were left open and Cyrus and the Persians caught the Assyrians by surprise and conquered the city.  Double doors are the doors to the city.

So Hamilton, here we come!  The doors are open!  God, and our security guard, who was named, get this, Evangeliste, said so!

One thought on “Knock, and the Door Shall be Opened

  1. Absolutely awesome Jill! God is so adequate, especially before He is extravagant. Truely a faith building experience. Thanks! 😀

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