But such as I have I give you…

My daughter’s friend Natalie, is sick with a mysterious auto immune disease whose main symptom is severe anaphylactic reactions.  Last year she went to emergency 30 times.  The doctors can’t figure it out, and are presently treating it with chemotherapy.

The problem is that the chemotherapy and the anti-nausea drugs required to help her keep even water down, aren’t covered by their Ontario Disability Drug Plan.  So this single parent family was facing completely unmanageable and crippling medical costs, on top of the stress of the illness itself.

I was rankled by the injustice of this, broken hearted for the family, and wanted to help.  I don’t have a lot of faith for healing yet (though I keep laying hands on people, just in case), and I had no financial resources.  “God, what can I do?”  I asked.

He reminded me of the verse from Acts 3:6 “silver and gold have I do not have, but such as I have I give you” – at which point I reminded Him that my faith for healing was pretty puny.  He then highlighted to me the last section of the passage “such as I have, I give you.”

“What do you have?” He asked.  I thought about it for a bit.  I have the ability to network, to catalyze things, to gather teams together.  That’s what I have.  So I offered up my gifts to Him and listened.  Where to begin?  The phrase “Burlington Community Foundation” popped into my mind.  Was there such a thing?  I went on Google to find out, and there was!  I called them, and found myself talking to someone that I knew from another project in the city, and who intimately knew the family I was concerned about!  She got some balls rolling, we found some other team members.  A press release went out to the Burlington Post, and their story was featured on the front page of our local paper.  You can read it here.

People in the community started running fundraising events.  A local lawyer volunteered his time and a trust fund was established.  And now there is $11,000 in it to take care of their medical bills.  Yay God!

And I even gathered my little shreds of faith, and lay hands on Natalie whenever I can get hold of her (just in case).  She’s not out of the woods yet, and the family still needs tons of support.  If you want to help out, email me and I can help you do so.

Faced with overwhelming odds, Gideon is told by God to “go in the strength that you have.”  That is His word to us.  Do the “you sized things” – leverage your unique contribution, listen to Him for direction and obey, and trust that God will then do the “God sized things”.

2 thoughts on “But such as I have I give you…

  1. You are the best networker I know. Plus, you always find a way through the most challenging situations ~ listening and obeying. The results are extraordinary! This is a powerful lesson for all of us.

  2. thanks Jill – this is speaking to me on many different levels today and I’m finding it quite encouraging!

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