Jill Weber Releases New Single – She’s Leaning

The life of an intercessory missionary is full of surprises.  You never know what God is going to do, and what He is going to ask you to do.  We have found that He is very creative and unpredictable.  Hannah’s and my trip to Israel seemed like a crazy dream – well beyond our means.  And walking with God as He turns that dream into reality has been an adventure. I have learned that when God invites you into “God-sized” things, He will show you what “you sized” things He wants you to do.  I have found that He is much more interested in partnering with us, than just taking care of everything for us.  Sometimes we let people know what our financial needs are, sometimes we don’t – it depends what we sense God is saying to us.  As we were listening to God about the next steps towards Jerusalem, we were surprised when we felt that He asked us to go back to the studio and record a song that I had written recently.

About ten years ago, we recorded a live worship album, Make My Life a Prayer, and after all was said (sung?) and done, we had some regrets.  While we liked the end product, the project took way too long, cost way too much money – a massive drain on our time and resources.  So, recording?  Been there, done that, got the boxes of CD’s languishing in our closet.  “Never again!” we thought.

Don’t you know that God loves to take us to our “Never Never Lands?”

So we found ourselves back in the studio, “the Jazz Kitchenwww.busterandbabblesmusic.com.  Recording has changed a lot in the last ten years, and we were amazed how quick and easy everything was.  Many thanks to all who donated their time and talents to help us record this song!

She’s Leaning

Who is that coming out of the wilderness, she’s leaning

Her heart is in His hands, His wish is her command,

She’s leaning

Who is that coming out of the wilderness, she’s loving

The world is not her own, the world is not her home,

She’s loving

Who is that coming out of the wilderness, I’m leaning

My heart is in Your hands, Your wish is my command,

Footsteps forming fountains, leaving streamlets in the sand,

I’m leaning

Who is that coming out of the wilderness, I’m loving

The world is not my own, the world is not my home,

I belong to Another and I’ll never let Him go,

I’m loving

(Song of Songs 8:5, Psalm 84:6)

© 2010 Jill Weber/Glory Rising Productions

All the proceeds from the sale of the song will go towards Hannah’s and my trip to Israel in October, and Kirk’s and my ministry trip to the National House of Prayer in Ottawa next week (Oops!  In my focus on Israel, I totally forgot about gathering funding for the Ottawa trip!  We are taking a team of local intercessors to the NHOP for 5 days).  Anything you want to pay – though if you want a “hard copy” of the disc, we ask that you give at least $5 to cover our costs to burn the CD and ship it to you.  For those who are computer savvy, let me know if you want a copy (email jill@jillweber.com) and how much you want to pay, I’ll send you a Paypal invoice and upon receipt of payment, I’ll send you a link where you can download the mp3 of the song and the chord chart if you want to use it in worship (the song is registered with CCLI).  If you didn’t understand a word of what I just said, then just pay me when you see me or send it to 506-2040 Mt. Forest Dr., Burlington, ON, L7P 1H5, and we’ll mail you a copy of the song.

So the adventure continues!  Careful about your “Never Never Lands” – He might just take You there!