My buddy Sandy (you should check out her book and awesome ministry at was the first one who ever used the “I-word” in my direction.

“Jill, you’re an intercessor,” she declared.

An inter-whatter?  Intriguing!  Just what the heck was that?  Enquiring minds wanted to know.  Then when I found out what an intercessor was, I rapidly backpedalled.

No way – intercessors, prayer warriors, nobody knows what to do with them – they are relegated to some dingy little room in the back of the church somewhere, out of sight and definitely out of mind.  Or the job of praying is given to someone who seemingly doesn’t have any other skills.  Not to mention that they’re sad all the time – carrying the weight of the burden of the Lord.  Not me!  I’m a worship leader!  I get to be the happy one, cavorting in the Glory!  Intercessor?  Never!

You all know, of course, that God takes us all to our Never Never Lands.  Some time later, I was lurking about my church sanctuary on a weekday morning, thanking God for all that He had poured into me in a season of renewal, asking Him to pour out more.  His response startled me.

“I want you to pour yourself out,” I was reminded of the Apostle Paul, talking about his life being poured out as a drink offering as his act of worship.  Picking up my guitar, I began to pray, hum, and compose:

Make my life a prayer

Make my life a song

Make my life an offering to You

I want to pour it out.

(to hear a mp3 clip of the completed song, check out my embarrassingly outdated and not-updated website  in the mp3 download section) and if you want to order the CD and buy it for all of your friends and family for Christmas, don’t use the order section in the aformentioned dinosaur of a website, cause of course it’s not working, just email me and I’ll hook you up.

You know those dangerous prayers?  The ones you declare in a naïve moment of devotion, and then if you had any sense, you would duck out of the way right after you utter them?

Well that was one of them.

Inter-whatter land – second star to the right and on into morning?  Here I gooooooooo!

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