Stirred Not Shaken

Stirred Not Shaken

11 like an eagle that stirs up its nest
and hovers over its young,
that spreads its wings to catch them
and carries them on its pinions.

12 The LORD alone led him;

~ Deut. 32:11-12

We knew that change was in the air.  For a long time we had a sense of “divine dissatisfaction” with the status quo here at Gohop.  Crossroads has been extremely generous towards us, providing free rent for eight years, letting us have free run of the building.  We have been so well taken care of and so comfortable, and we are deeply grateful for their contribution towards the prayer movement.  However, about a year ago, the Lord began to communicate to us that a time would come when He would take us out of our comfort zones.

That time is now.

Due to increased usage of the studio space directly beside the prayer room, we will be unable to continue corporate prayer in that location.  For the time being our office will remain at Crossroads, and the prayer room will continue to be available 24/7 for quiet prayer.  However, our corporate prayer times are moving to another location – the Youth Unlimited House at 273 Parkside Drive (Parkside and Hamilton Street North, in Waterdown).

When an eagle’s young begin to mature, at about three months, the mother eagle begins to “stir up the nest”.  The grass, moss and feathers that lined the eaglet’s home are removed.  Food is withheld, or held just out of reach, to encourage the young to expand their borders.  When the time comes, the eaglets are nudged to the nest’s edge and encouraged to hop from nest to limb (or rock) and back again.  And often, the parents just heft the babies out!  God has stirred up our nest, and we’re testing our wings.

This last year, as we talked about the transition we were sensing, the word picture we got was that of an incubator.  In a sense, Crossroads has been an incubator for us, providing us a place of safety and security, so that we could grow and mature to the place where viability outside the womb (or nest) was possible.

So are we shaken?  No.  The wonderful thing about being an intercessor is that often you get a sense of what will unfold before it happens.  Are we stirred?  Yes.  Transition is exciting, and we are eager to see what God has up His sleeve for us in our new location.

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