So What Do You Think It Will Look Like?

I’m often asked that question.  I guess because of the time I spend both in the prayer room and in our communities connecting with leaders, people assume that I must have some sense of what is going on from a God’s eye view.  Eeek.  At that point I try to look wise, nod my head and smile my most sagacious and mysterious smile while I frantically try and figure out what to say.

So I decided that it was time to actually reflect on what I think IT is going to look like.  By IT I am referring to the work of God, especially as it pertains to the prayer movement in our region.

And I’ve decided that IT looks like an English Garden.

You’ve seen them, I’m sure.  Wild and chaotic – flowers and grasses exploding every which way – multiple layers of color and texture.  Things seem to have no rhyme or reason – a garden having a riotous bad hair day.  But what seems like it would be cacophonic is actually a symphony to the appreciative eye.

And I think the prayer movement is like that.  One of my mentors (he never let me call him a mentor, but I followed him around for years anyways) once cautioned me against trying to “broker” the prayer movement – against being the “go to girl” for prayer – against trying to replant the garden into tidy rows.  Instead, I should just wander from patch to patch, watering and speaking encouragement (plants like it when you talk to them!).  He even cautioned me against weeding, because some of those weeds are just as pretty as the plants, and who gets to decide what is a weed and what is a plant anyways?  I always thought the designation was somewhat arbitrary.

Right now I’m seeing Hamilton bloom, and it’s exciting!  Multiple prayer conferences, new revival prayer meetings and mobilization, prayer teams going to local skateboard parks, 24/7 prayer events popping up out of the ground – it’s like crocuses coming through the snow every which way, and I can’t wait to see the garden in full array!  I just know the city is being beautified, right now, this very moment.

That’s what I think IT looks like.  You all are going to have to figure out another question to ask me.  :o)

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