Imagination in Prayer?


Some of you may be aware that over the last few years I’ve been training as a spiritual director.  I graduate from my program with Emmaus Formation on June 22!  Just finishing up my last papers and I thought this one might be of interest to folks.  It’s longer than a standard blog post and a bit technical, but hopefully helpful to those who are wondering if the use of imagination in prayer is helpful or not…

I’m attaching it as a pdf so all the footnotes position themselves properly…

Imagination and Symbol in the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises-1


Yes Lord

I believe.

Yes Lord

I recieve

All that You have promised.

Your Spirit hovers

Over my chaos

Uncertainty and questions.

Light beams into the deep.

A gift is given.

Pregnant with Divine intention

I bear it.

I bear You.

Senses attunded

To hear it.

I hear you.

Body breathless, poised and waiting

To feel Your movement within.


Eternal Dance.

You spin like the galaxy.

I grow heavy with expectation.

The weight of Glory

Slows me.

Show me

All that You have promised.